Carlaw Park - Student Accomodation

Work, 28 November 2019
The Challenge
To provide electrical services to the entire Carlaw Park Student Village.

Once a muddy rugby league pitch, Carlaw Park was to be transformed into a modern and inviting student village. This was a multi-faceted project with a tight timeframe, working in close conjunction with Haydn and Rollett. There were many things to consider to get this project completed on time.

The Scope
7 Multi Level Buildings, common areas, an atrium and an undergound carpark all required electrical services to go live over an 18 month period.
Student accommodation is not usually thought of as modern and high spec. But the Carlaw Park Student Village is not just any old student accommodation! It was designed to set the standard for what student accommodation should be in New Zealand.

In a short timeframe, DGE had to wire and connect the services for 213 modern apartments with 698 bedrooms, 164 undercroft commuter carparks and 650m2 of common amenity spaces.

The Solution
Careful planning, efficient service, utilisation of experience, and working to a comprehensive schedule.

A project of this magnitude was always going to be a challenge to complete within an 18 month timeframe. Which is why DGE worked closely with development company Haydn & Rollett to ensure everything was completed on schedule.

The project was conducted over two stages. The first stage saw the simultaneous construction of 4 apartment towers between 5 and 7 stories each. Stage 2 was then dedicated to the common areas and connecting landscaped podiums.
With such a large number of spaces to get live, DGE worked systematically through each stage of the project. They drew on their knowledge and experience to get through the sheer volume of work in an efficient manner. Quality was important to the project and is always important to DGE, so this was always on their minds as they worked through the various spaces.

Close communication with the developers saw Carlaw Park Student Village open for students on target. This amazing village is not the usual standard of student accommodation - it is far above and beyond. It is now being seen as the quality benchmark for all future student developments.

The Outcome
An impressive, high quality student village unlike anything seen in New Zealand before.

The client was impressed by DGE’s capabilities and ability to get a job of this size done within the specified timeframe. DGE proved that The University of Auckland were right to trust the team with this project. They were also impressed by DGE’s reliability and dedication.
By using such an experienced company, they ended up saving money as the job was done right the first time. DGE does not cut corners and always works to the highest standard. The University of Auckland were extremely pleased to see that is true!

DGE is one of Auckland’s most highly regarded electrical engineering firms. Their skill and reputation is the main reason they were selected for the massive project of the Carlaw Student Village.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at DGE, a team you can trust to get the job done!

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