Metlifecare - Greenwich Gardens

Work, 28 November 2019
When Metlifecare Greenwich Gardens was opened in 2016, it was never going to be a single building. So, it came as no surprise that they contacted DGE when they planned to extend the facility by two additional buildings.

With an already operating retirement village on site, a busy driveway and a tight timeframe to contend with, it was always going to be a challenge.
Due to DGE’s reliability and skill, they were trusted with this huge job.

The Challenge:
To connect all services in the extension back to the previous stage’s switchboard.

More than simply a case of wiring a few things back to an existing switchboard, DGE had to ensure the functionality of the many aspects that come along with a retirement village. And, it had to be done on the same site as an operating retirement facility - safety was paramount.

The Scope:
To connect and liven all the main aspects of the extension to Metlifecare Greenwich Gardens.

This included the installation of new individual switchboards and three-phase 1600 AMP Mains (a very specialist connection) to power each of the apartments and common areas. As well as full functionality for the technical systems - nurse call systems, sound systems and the commercial kitchen.

The Solution:
Investigation of needs, proactive planning, regular communication meetings, and an ongoing maintenance schedule.

The addition of two brand new multi-story buildings to an operational facility was always going to need a careful plan. The DGE team worked hard to ensure that all information was provided ahead of time and a well-planned schedule was put in place.

Throughout the project, DGE held regular meetings with their contractors, the developers and all other concerned parties to maintain clear levels of communication. It meant they could be proactive about any foreseen issues and ensure they were on top of the schedule that was set.

They assigned their most skilled and knowledgeable contractors to the job to deal with the technical installations and the unique requirements of three-phase 1600 AMP Mains.

The Outcome:
An incredibly complicated projected completed on time, to a high quality standard without any interruption to the already operating retirement facility.

Metlifecare were so impressed with the work that DGE carried out, that they now hold the ongoing maintenance contract for the entire retirement village. Their expertise and knowledge impressed the owners. Metlifecare knows the village is in electrically safe hands going forward.

There are plenty of dangers involved with not selecting the right maintenance team. Read up on them in one of our latest case studies [link Takapuna Case Study].

DGE is one of Auckland’s most highly regarded electrical engineering firms. Their skill and reputation is the main reason they were selected for this job.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at DGE, a team you can trust to get the job done!

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