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It is not every day that most people need to deal with two industrial furnaces that are hot enough to melt glass.

But DGE are not most people. For them it was just another day at the office!

Industrial furnaces were just one of the challenges that DGE worked with on their recent project at a Glass Manufacturing company.

Not only was there technical equipment and complex installations to manage, but there was also an office fitout to consider. Luckily, DGE’s capabilities made them the perfect choice for the job.


The Challenge:

The technicalities of installing a private high voltage network, high spec equipment and electrical construction management.
With a whole raft of technical equipment and high spec installations, DGE were tasked with getting this glass manufacturing company up and running at their premises in Carbine Road in Auckland.


The Scope:

To get all the aspects of the glass manufacturing company live and operational.

This included the installation of a private High Voltage network, 3x HV Transformers, 3x LV Main Switch Boards, 2x Industrial Furnaces, CCTV, Security systems, and a 2-level office fitout.


The Solution:

Utilising extensive electrical knowledge, skill and reliability to complete this complex project.

How hot do you think an industrial furnace burns? If you answered pretty darn hot, then you would be right! An industrial furnace reaches temperatures of more than 400 degrees celsius. It is not something that you want to install incorrectly.

That is why this glass manufacturing company trusted DGE with the job.

With their extensive experience, the high spec equipment, complex installations, and tricky conditions were no problem for the team.
Safety and efficiency are two of DGE’s main priorities, so they drew on those skills to complete this project on time and exactly to brief.

There were a number of different skills required to deal with high voltage, switchboards, CCTV, security systems, and high spec office equipment. DGE’s range of knowledge saw that all of these aspects were installed correctly.


The Outcome

A safe and fully functioning glass manufacturing plant.

The client had specifically chosen DGE for this high level project over other providers like the Vector Lines company. They were not disappointed with the results. DGE delivered a wonderfully efficient level of work to produce a safe and fully operational manufacturing plant.

DGE is one of Auckland’s most highly regarded electrical engineering firms. Their skill and reputation is the main reason they were selected for this job.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at DGE , a team you can trust to get the job done!

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