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At DGE, we offer our clients a comprehensive service using our extensive in-house capabilities so that you can get the outcome your project needs. With our team of in-house, qualified electrical engineers, we have the expertise to handle projects of varying sizes and across different industries. Having in-house professionals allows for more effective problem-solving as well as more streamlined information. Our team comes with a deep understanding of electrical systems, meaning they know how to deliver solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

Our Capabilities

Total Service

Being a total service provider in the electrical industry means that our engineers can take a holistic view of every project. Our value-added engineering approach means we proactively look for more efficient processes and cost-effective solutions that support energy minimisation and improve environmental sustainability. We love the challenge of finding better, more efficient ways of looking after our client’s needs.


DGE is recognised for having an experienced and skilled workforce, specialised modern equipment, and documented, well-proven maintenance systems and processes. Our team is innovative and knowledgeable about the latest electrical design trends, as we are always looking to expand our capabilities to provide our clients with a comprehensive and quality outcome.

Extensive Experience

We have the experience to deliver on your electrical project, whatever the size, precisely as you want. We are skilled in all aspects of electrical engineering, from estimating and project management, switchboard design and LED retrofitting to full preventative maintenance and everything else.

Reliability of Service

We deliver high-quality solutions and take a proactive approach to avoiding electrical malfunctions. Our ongoing maintenance, coupled with our testing and tagging solutions, look to diagnose and resolve potential issues before they happen. If a potential issue is identified, you can expect full transparency as we will keep you in the loop the whole way through.

Pricing Options

We partner with you closely to understand your questions and concerns to make sure we can give you the right advice and recommendations to provide you with exactly what you need. This is why our clients work with us for the long term on multiple projects. 

Transparency and Documentation

Price transparency is crucial for ensuring our clients get the best service at a fair price. It is an important tool for building trust with our clients. For price transparency, the following are available: Site labour sheets, weekly timesheets, material and labour take-off spreadsheets, materials supplier invoices, and variation breakdown sheets.

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