Price flexibility, Transparency and
Tailored Structure

At DGE, we understand that financial planning and budget management are crucial aspects of any project. Our commitment is not only to meet your project’s specifications but also to ensure it is completed within your budget. Our approach to achieving this combines market savvy, asset optimisation, and innovative engineering to offer flexibility and reduce costs without compromising quality.

Our Strategy for

Cost Efficiency

To maintain financial integrity, we have adopted the following strategies:Market-Based Pricing for Materials: We constantly monitor the open market to price contract materials competitively, ensuring you get the best value for every dollar spent.

Optimisation of Company Assets: Utilising our existing assets to their fullest potential on-site allows us to cut unnecessary expenses. This includes the strategic redistribution of labor across the company to where it’s needed most, ensuring efficient use of human resources.

Subcontracting for Savings: Where subcontractors can provide a more cost-effective solution without sacrificing quality, we subcontract works..

Alternative Materials Presentation: We offer suggestions for cost-saving materials and alternatives for your approval, ensuring that your project doesn’t incur unnecessary or unpredicted costs.

Value-Added Engineering: Our engineering solutions aim to preserve the integrity and vision of your original design while implementing cost-effective methodologies and materials.

Efficient Contract Administration: Use up-to-date IT resources, we manage contract matters efficiently, ensuring that administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Pricing Options

We partner with you closely to understand your questions and concerns to make sure we can give you the right advice and recommendations to provide you with exactly what you need. This is why our clients work with us for the long term on multiple projects. 

Transparency and Documentation

Price transparency is crucial for ensuring our clients get the best service at a fair price. It is an important tool for building trust with our clients. For price transparency, the following are available: Site labour sheets, weekly timesheets, material and labour take-off spreadsheets, materials supplier invoices, and variation breakdown sheets.

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