Airways Traffic Control Tower Project at Auckland Airport


On a normal day, the Auckland International Airport can have more than 160 international flights landing. That is a lot of planes that need to land safely.
As a passenger, you probably haven’t given much thought to how the safety of each and every one of those planes is accounted for.
That job falls to Air Traffic Control.
In order to complete their job effectively, air traffic controllers need the right equipment. So, when Airways decided to create a purpose built Air Traffic Control Facility, DGE were the first company they contacted to get this project off the ground.  

The Challenge

Creating a state of the art data centre where the power never goes down.
As you can imagine, an air traffic control facility can NEVER lose power. That would put tens of thousands of people at risk even if that power was only out for a minute.
So, DGE had to design a process and then build an electrical system with back ups and fail safes to ensure that the data centre would never be without power.
That electricity also had to flow freely at all times with no interruptions and power high quality, state of the art equipment.  

The Scope Of The Job

Install an uninterrupted power supply to the Air Traffic Control Facility.
Airways were building a brand new data centre to replace the existing tower situated on the side of the runway. The new data centre was to be a ground based building housing everything the airport needed to safely guide planes into land. That meant all of the air traffic controllers plus their screens and navigation equipment.
The job entailed the planning and installation of under raised floor dual power circuitry and a massive data room which contained all of the overhead uninterrupted power supply.
As it was a brand new, stand alone greenfield build, it required all facets of electricity to be connected, including the relocation of High Voltage circuitry to enable the build to go ahead. It also needed to ensure there would always be a continuous supply of electricity to the building so the equipment was never without power.  

The Solution

Implementing a comprehensive electricity supply system that ensured power would never fail.
Having been a preferred contractor of Airways for a number of years, DGE understood the importance and magnitude of this job. So, they applied their knowledge and experience to construct an electricity supply system that would protect the safety of everyone entering the Auckland International Airport via plane.
As well as the standard power supply, DGE created triple backed up power systems. That included two CAT generators backed up by dual UPS’s with high powered battery racks attached. They also installed dual supply switchboards that are interlocked via a bus-tie system. That meant if one switchboard, UPS or generator were to fail, the power could be transferred between the two boards so that electricity to the whole building would not go down.  

The Outcome

A state of the art, foolproof power supply to the Air Traffic Control Facility.
Over the course of the project, DGE took every care to implement the power supply that was needed. The job was completed to a high spec and standard. Airways were extremely impressed with the work and were full of high praise.
DGE achieved a complete installation solution… to ensure the power supply to the facility would never go down, regardless of what was happening in the world around it!
Once the Auckland Airport returns to capacity after the COVID-19 restrictions, the air traffic control duties will gradually be transferred to the brand new facility, ensuring the safety of all staff, crew and passengers.
DGE is one of Auckland’s most highly regarded electrical engineering firms. Their skill, experience and workmanship is the main reason that Airways and the Auckland Airport engaged their services again. They knew they needed the best!
Don’t hesitate to contact us here at DGE to find out how we can ensure your next electrical project is completed smoothly no matter the situation!
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