Auckland Airport – Outgoing Processing and Retail Development


What do you do when one of the busiest areas in New Zealand needs a systems overhaul? Tens of thousands of people pass through the International Terminal at the Auckland airport every day. Operating 24/7, the airport never sleeps. That makes upgrading their systems somewhat of a challenge! But, DGE was prepared to take on this monstrous task.  

The Challenge:

To provide the Auckland International Airport with a new Outgoing Processing and Retail Development. That in itself is a challenging undertaking. Add to that, the fact that the new system needed to be built within and over the existing international departure terminal, duty free retail areas and terminal expansion.  

The Scope:

To commission and install a new Main Switchboard with both mains and back-up generator supplies off two existing and operating Transformers. DGE had to create a strategy to commission and install a new Main Switchboard while maintaining power to the existing plant supplied by the transformers.  

The Solution:

DGE came up with a plan to complete this work during a quiet period at the airport. The main reason for this decision was because power consumption was low. This meant they could power the two existing supplies off one transformer. That freed up the other, allowing the new main switchboard to be livened off the available transformer. Once the switchboard was live, the two existing supplies were able to be transferred over to the new switchboard. This freed up the second transformer. Then, DGE was able to connect the generator back-up supply.  

The Outcome:

An updated, well functioning Main Switchboard and back-up generator supply that utilised the existing transformers. The best part is that there was no downtime for the airport. They were able to operate as normal, while DGE handled the project. As far as the airport staff and passengers were concerned, it was business as usual with no disruptions. DGE is one of Auckland’s most highly regarded electrical engineering firms. Their skill and reputation is the main reason they were selected for the all important job of upgrading the Auckland International Airport’s electrical systems. Don’t hesitate to contact us here at DGE , a team you can trust to get the job done!
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