Find problems before they happen with thermal imaging

What is thermal imaging?

Thermal imaging uses infrared technology to identify electrical problems in sections of your building that aren’t easily accessible or visible. By detecting differences in temperature in the areas where your electrical services are located, it can provide an early warning system for potential problems.

How can thermal imaging help my business?

Over 80% of electrical faults aren’t visible – they’re hidden within walls or ceilings. If the extra heat they generate isn’t enough to make a visible scorch mark, you won’t know anything is wrong until there’s a failure or fire. By routinely scanning your premises with thermal imaging, you can pinpoint problem areas, troubleshoot them, and address them before they become a major problem. This reduces your risk of downtime or property damage.

What kind of problems does thermal imaging detect?
Thermal imaging can be used to:
  • Locate electrical faults
  • Determine areas for predictive maintenance
  • Ensure compliance with insurance policy requirements
  • Monitor equipment motor temperatures
  • Identify areas of heat loss and gain
  • Monitor coolstore efficiency
Should I be using thermal imaging?

If some of your electrical services are hidden from view, or you would be negatively impacted by an outage or fire, then we highly recommend that you incorporate a thermal imaging survey into your regular building maintenance routine. By identifying potential issues before they cause problems, thermal imaging enables you to assess the scope of any required maintenance, order in the necessary parts, and plan the servicing for a convenient time that doesn’t disrupt productivity. If your insurance requires you to have a regular thermal inspection, failure to do so could mean your building is not covered in the event of an electrical fire.

Uninsured losses or unplanned downtime can be costly for your business, so it makes sense to invest in a comprehensive thermal survey. Contact us today to arrange one at your premises.
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