Delivering a Fully Automated Warehouse



Cardinal Freight, known for its innovative approaches in retail logistics, launched a project to create a fully automated warehouse stacking system.

This project, which consisted of a custom-built 37,000 square-meter facility, was a key part of Cardinal’s plan to improve supply chain efficiency.

To achieve this, they needed a partner skilled in complex, high-height electrical work to implement this robotic system. DGE won the contract to provide power to the robots after a competitive bidding process.


DGE was contracted for the supply and installation of electrical infrastructure to power the automated robotic system.

This involved:

  • Main switchboard supply and installation
  • Transformer supply and installation
  • Utilising fit-for-purpose equipment for the building’s height
  • Running cables underground
  • Flexible project management strategies
  • Early procurement of long lead-time items


Challenges included ensuring safety for height work and automating the large warehouse. The complex robotic electrical system needed special skills, strict health and safety measures, and precise support for smooth automation.

Logistical challenges arose from working at height before pouring concrete. This required off-road machinery suitable for the height and careful planning to meet tight deadlines.

Our team, collaborating with Counties Power, had a very short timeframe to activate the two transformers and the main switchboard. Through excellent coordination and communication, we managed to power up the system within a week.


DGE demonstrated exceptional capabilities in overcoming hurdles and ensuring a successful project delivery.

Our team relied on specialised skills and machinery for safe and efficient work at significant heights. Effective solutions were implemented to address unforeseen time and logistical constraints.

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