Project Kelly Film Studio Delivered to a Green Star Standard


When creating something of outstanding quality, worthy of being a platform for blockbuster hits, there needs to be support from a high-performing team.
For Project Kelly, it was clear from the start that to achieve success, such a team needed to be established.
The primary objective for this project was to design and build a world-class film studio, aiming to boost local workforce investment and business development in Henderson. The project was intended to attract big players and necessitate the fulfilment of specific, high-standard requirements.
The challenge
Working within a space that demanded unlimited possibilities
The challenge of designing an adaptable and virtually unlimited space to accommodate a wide variety of uses while maintaining secrecy due to the nature of the film industry was considerable.
From structural considerations such as hanging cars and tanks from the roof to the instalment of enormous doors and intricate fire systems, the space needed to be fitted out with limitless and unseen possibilities. The studio was 26 meters high, meaning our team was working at extreme heights.
On top of that, working out the nuances of procuring materials and managing lockdowns created additional obstacles.
The scope
Working through the stages
DGE was involved in the early stages of the project, supporting budgets and pricing and working closely with the engineers throughout the design stage.
Procurement, something that had initially been a challenge for various trades industries at the height of this project, was something we overcame by tackling it head on and early into the project. We worked closely with the project manager to ensure that lead times were covered and the escalation was covered by the time new materials needed to be purchased.
Initially, procuring parts for switchboards had huge lead times, and the suppliers were struggling to get components of the boards. However, we were able to identify the parts that had the most impactful lead times, source alternative solutions, and significantly reduce wasted downtime.
As from being a solutions-driven team, we were engineers (electrical engineers, to be specific.)
Being involved in the design stages meant we could support design development, identify potential risks, and offer more effective solutions or alternatives to create a better outcome for the project.
During the course of the project, we encountered a critical issue where several underground cable routes were at risk of intersecting with other existing services. However, thanks to our early involvement in the project, we were able to swiftly address this concern.
Our team meticulously designed and calculated the precise number of conduits required. Subsequently, we coordinated with the construction site where the foundations were being built. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we strategically installed all the necessary underground conduits through the footings. This proactive approach ensured that the cable routes followed a less congested path, eliminating the potential clashes with other services. By taking timely action and integrating our electrical engineering expertise, we successfully resolved a potential problem and ensured the project’s smooth operation.
Project Kelly has tested our teams’ ability to overcome significant challenges and achieve success through the collaborative efforts of a high-performing team.
The primary objective of designing and building a world-class film studio in Henderson was met, leading to increased local workforce investment and business development. The project presented unique challenges, such as creating an adaptable and secretive space while working at extreme heights.
However, by engaging in early involvement, proactive procurement strategies, and effective risk management, the team was able to navigate these obstacles.
In addition to completing this project within the strict design requirements and timeline, it also achieved a Green Star standard and contributed positively to the economic growth of the Henderson area.
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