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Every project is different. But it is rare to come across a project that has two such different aspects on the one site.

But that is exactly what DGE struck when they took on the Regional Health & Beauty project. Consisting of a 1460m2 warehouse space and a 2-storey luxurious and high spec office space, the two halves are worlds apart.

Luckily, DGE’s expertise meant they were well equipped to handle both aspects.


The Challenge:

To service the two very different electrical needs on the same site.

As a rule, warehousing and office spaces have a completely different look and feel, as well as different needs. But when you are talking about a warehouse and a luxurious office space for the health and beauty industry, the gap between the two areas widens further!


The Scope:

To service the electrical requirements of a substantial warehouse space and a 2-storey high end office building.

The technical aspects of this job included high end fittings, LED strip lighting, custom features, lighting control, daylight harvesting, and an architectural finish. Not to mention, the office building embraced an industrial look and feel which meant dealing with exposed beams and wires.


The Solution:

Utilising extensive electrical knowledge, skill and reliability to complete this complex project.

This project was always going to be a challenge due to the two very different aspects. The warehouse would require functionality to ensure all systems were working as they should and all areas were well lit. Then the office building would need the high end touch. That meant sophisticated fittings, light and bright spaces, as well as incorporating the industrial design choices.

Industrial design is always an interesting one for electricians! With exposed beams and wiring, safety is always a major concern, as well as aesthetics.

Even though the exposed ceilings created challenges, DGE’s experienced and knowledgeable tradies overcame this issue and delivered a quality and detailed end product.

The Outcome:

Seamless blending of two very distinct spaces and a very impressed client!

Regional Health and Beauty loved the end results that DGE created with the electrical systems. The warehouse is state of the art and able to service all of their distribution needs. It seamlessly flows into the 2-storey office building which screams high end sophistication. And of course, the project was delivered on time and to DGE’s signature high standard.

DGE is one of Auckland’s most highly regarded electrical engineering firms. Their skill and reputation is the main reason they were selected for this job.

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