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The Importance Of Knowledge And Expertise

When you run an exclusive club venue, security and functionality are a huge priority. After all, how can you maintain the standard your club members and their guests are used to without these things?

It can put your whole business at risk!

Unfortunately, one of our prestigious clients found themselves in this very predicament not so long ago.

With no power on site at their facility, they were in the midst of a bad situation. They couldn’t even boil the kettle for a morning caffeine hit!

After a panicked call to the team here at DGE, we got to work diagnosing and fixing the issue.


The Challenge:

Arriving onsite at the Club venue to discover there was absolutely no power in the building.

That meant all of their systems were down. No power meant no emergency lighting, no phone systems, no alarm systems and no access control. The worst part about it was, they were unaware that the building had been unsecure all weekend. With two bars on site, there was the potential for even greater loss if someone had found out.

Their existing electrical contractor was also onsite, but looking completely baffled. He was not able to give us much information at all about the situation.


The Scope Of The Job:

To get power back to the facility and to get it back quickly!

Having worked in the facility before, the DGE team were familiar with the installed systems. It did not take the team long to discover the source of the problem.

The club had experienced a massive power surge from the Vector lines due to a transformer exploding out on the road. It was a massive overvoltage situation which caused substantial damage. In fact, almost every electrical component in the building had been compromised in some way, shape or form.

The challenge was to get all of those systems operational again so that the building could be secured and prevent further issues from arising.


The Solution:

To systematically inspect each issue and call on the relevant experts to get them fixed.

After meeting with the owner, it was time to get down to business. The DGE team systematically inspected the building, finding issue after issue. The damage was widespread, everything from the alarm to their general electrical supply was down. That meant damage to many appliances and losing the contents of their walk-in chiller among other things.

Due to the respected relationships that DGE have with various industry partners, they were able to not only diagnose the issues, but also get the repairs underway immediately with reliable tradespeople.


The Outcome:

Full recovery of the electronic systems, ensuring the facility was secure and functioning as it should.

By the end of Monday morning, DGE had the security systems back in working order, meaning the building was secure. Subsequently, they were then able to get the other issues rectified too.

Unfortunately, this one event cost the Club a significant amount in repairs and replacement costs. The scarier part was that they did not know the building was unsecured for the whole weekend. The potential for greater loss was massive!

After utilising the services of DGE for their initial build phase, the club had chosen a less experienced single contractor to handle their ongoing maintenance work. Any money that they would have saved by working with him would have well and truly been exhausted after this incident.

Fortunately, the club knew just who to call to get them back up and running at crunch time. DGE was first on the list due to their extensive experience and high level skills. Moving forward, the club has confirmed they will re-engage DGE for all of their electrical work and also to complete periodic inspections for them.

If a similar situation were to happen again, DGE’s systems would send notifications warning of the fault. The issues could be swiftly corrected, ensuring the facility would remain safe and secure at all times.

DGE is one of Auckland’s most highly regarded electrical engineering firms. Their skill, experience and workmanship is the main reason that this premier club engaged their services again. They knew they needed the best!

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at DGE to find out how we can ensure your electrical systems continue to run smoothly no matter the situation!

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